Friday, February 14, 2014

Templates and defaults in Rhino

Do you ever get tired of setting default values in Rhino options each time you create a new model? Work more efficiently and set up Templates in Rhino. Templates can set the correct defaults. Pascal Golay shows how templates work and shares many details on how they are used.


Anonymous said...

Valuable to all users:
Many of us, even after years of
daily Rhino use, still start from scratch on a fresh drawing. We just don't think. I could have saved hours over those years.
Pascal is an excellent lecturer, and has planned the lecture well.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am new to Rhino and starting out right in the Rhino for MAC version. I see that you have many tool menus in tabs at the top of your window and would like to set my workspace up the same way. Can please you suggest how to do this either here or in the RHINO MAC Forum?

Brian James said...

The Rhino for Mac interface was written specifically for OSX and doesn't by default have the same look. In Preferences>Themes you can however switch Rhino for Mac to use a Windows Rhino style toolbar ribbon. Check for more tips & tricks.

Unknown said...

I'm interested in setting up a template for the tool defaults, for example, the shell command defaults at a thickness of 1 when opened. We do cabinetry so .75 would be my default preference. There are others as well. Something like that possible?