Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Advanced Object Snaps

The advanced object snaps are tools that allow you to pick on geometry in a more sophisticated way than the normal object snaps. Among my favorites "Between" and "Alongline" (which by the way, are nestable within a command, meaning you can type them while a command is active). These tools can be found under menu: Tools > Object Snaps. The first block of osnaps correspond to the traditional ones found at the bottom of Rhino's interface; the second block are the advanced ones.

To quickly access these last mentioned, you can hover over the normal object snaps (at the bottom of Rhino's interface) with your mouse, while pressing the Ctrl key down. This will switch from normal to advanced osnaps. I learnt this tip a few days back from Gijs de Zwart, while trying to win a competition on who knew more about Rhino. This item made me loose ;-)...

Have a blast!