Thursday, January 26, 2012

3D puzzles with Grasshopper!

Learn how to slice an existing Rhino model into a series of flat puzzle pieces using Grasshopper.

You can download the Grasshopper definition as well from here... 3D Puzzle Magic


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how you get the arrows when you sub object select the top surface. My rhino doesn't do anything except select the top surface when I control shift to select it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the delay in response. I believe you are asking about the Gumball manipulator. This is available in the v5 beta of Rhino which is free to download here...

Matto said...

Hi James,
thanks for this tutorial. I'm having a little trouble though with other geometries.
There seem to be spaces or gaps being left in the intersect and I'm not sure why.

I'm not sure how to show you the grasshopper definition or my geometry.
I checked though and it is a closed polysurface with valid geometry (if that would make any difference...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Matto,

This definition was written with an older version of Grasshopper than the one out now. It may need to be revised some. I'm not sure. Use the existing one as a starting point or start from scratch using the latest Grasshopper. If you are new to GH, I'd suggest reading the primer available on the main site first. The cut outs here are made with block extrusions and where you position those determine the spacing you'll get between parts.