Monday, May 19, 2008

Activating History in Rhino 4

By default, History recording is turned off in Rhino 4. To record history, click in the Record History pane in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Recording lasts exactly one command and then turns off again so that you need to set this for every command for which you would like to record history. When the 'Record History' text is bold in the status bar pane, history recording is on. To force Rhino always to record history for eligible commands, right click in the Record History pane and set a check mark to 'Always record history' in the context menu. Note there are other settings available there as well. These settings can also be set at the command line using the History command.

In order for history to be recorded for a command, recording must be turned on before the command completes- it's ok to start recording history for Loft while the Loft dialog is up for example. See Help for details and a list of History enabled commands.


Pascal Golay said...

Aviva- you can't read it directly but you can use SelChildren, SelParents, and SelObjectsWithHistory to get an idea how things are organized.

Anonymous said...

The "status bar" disappear!
how can i turn it on again ? so i can use the "record history"?


John Brock said...

Run the StatusBar command to toggle it back on, or in Tools - Options - Appearance, in the "Show the following items" section, add a check next to Status Bar.

imbibelabs said...

I am trying to use the record history option for 1 rail sweep.
I click record history, it becomes bold, i execute the 1 rail sweep command, then when the surface is formed, I choose the rail curve and modify its control points, this should change the surface but it does not happen for me. Can you help me?

Anonymous said...

I use record history with 1 rail sweep.
I choose record history, it becomes bold, then i make a surface using 1 rail sweep, It executes perfectly.
Now when I change the curve of the rail, it should automatically change the surface, but it does not happen for me. Where am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

For history on Sweep1 you'll need to use v5 Rhino which is available here In v4 neither Sweep1 or Sweep2 were history enabled, but now they are!