Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Viewport Access

Here are 3 tips for a quicker access to your viewports.
- When you have a maximized viewport you can shuffle to the next by pressing ctrl+tab. This avoids having to double click, coming back to the default 4view and double clicking on the next view.
- But if you do like the clicking, you can at least simplify it by setting it as a single-click. Go to the Options... > View > Under "Viewport Properties", select "Single-click maximize".
- Another way of quickly having access to the viewports is by enabling Viewport Tabs. Just type ViewportTabs and select Show. You can then click on the tabs to make a certain view active. It's a quick way of renaming your views as well, just by double-clicking on the tab.



Mike Cheung said...

Slightly off this topic - is there a way to have one viewport maximized already as soon as I open Rhino? I do a lot of 2D work, and mostly focus on one window.

Brian James said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, set the viewports up as you need and then use 'save as template' from the File drop down menu. This will add the new set up as a template file that you can choose when starting a new file or have Rhino default to it.

Check out the Rhino user forum here too for more tips...