Monday, June 9, 2008

Trimming or splitting surfaces

Trimmed surfaces are sometimes tricky because, once they are trimmed there are certain commands you can't use on the trimmed edges. Useful commands that allow to create or maintain continuity, such as _MatchSrf or _Symmetry become useless. A possible workaround to this issue is, if appropriate to the situation, to _Untrim the trimmed edge and then to _Split the surface using the command line Isocurve option. This option allows you to keep the same geometry structure for your surface. If you turn ctrl pts on (F10), you'll see all points lie on the surface edge. You can erase the unwanted split part of the surface and use any command you want on the resulted surface! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Does the "split" command only work on NURBS surfaces, or can it be used on a "regular" surfaces, as well?

al dean said...

I should have read this four weeks ago - it would have saved some of my increasing grey hairs from being pulled out.. nice one


Anonymous said...

This makes my day a lot better, and will make my projects much more simple to do if I need something trimmed and matched to another surface. Score one Rhino tips.