Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Osnap Activation

This is an old tip, but I've realized a lot of people don't know about it; if you right-click on any Osnap it will be selected while all others will be deselected, if they were selected in the first place.

And on the same order of ideas, if you wish to toggle between enabling or disabling active Osnaps, you can add this macro to an Alias (menu: Tools > Options > Aliases):

_DisableOsnap _Toggle



Anonymous said...

_DisableOsnap _Toggle does not seem to work as an alias in the current version (Rhino5). I would love to be able to set an alias to toggle my osnaps, but have yet to figure out how.

Brian James said...

Take out the _ between DisableOsnap and Toggle and it will work. The added space will be treated as an Enter which is needed to get to the Toggle option.

_DisableOsnap Toggle

You can also hold down Alt to toggle the Osnap state interactively.

Anonymous said...

That was it. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

Anonymous said...