Friday, December 11, 2020

Heart shaped ring

Learn how to model a heart shaped ring using SubD geometry in Rhino 7.

You can download the associated files for this tutorial.


DanCast said...

Hey I'm trying to download the files from this post and when I do the zip file downloads but my computer doesn't show it as an RUI file and when opened it takes me to an internet explorer page which looks like the script for the tool bar and I will also not drag into my Rhino 7 as you did in the video. Hoping you can help me out with this issue, thanks!

Travis said...

Hi Dan I'm not sure I've completely understood what you're trying to describe but it sounds like you might want to unzip the files in the zip to a directory before trying to load them.

Brian James said...

Hi Dan, Feel free to email too if you need more help.