Monday, October 1, 2012

Updated tutorial for v5 Rhino / bent plywood chair

In this updated video for v5 Rhino, learn how to model a classic Eames design from reference photos. The Brazil render engine is used in combination with the Neon display plugin to render the model directly in the Rhino viewport.


João Lucas Leme said...

I'm having trouble with the shell command; I did exactly as the video, but for some reason the back legs wont shell properly (the front legs do fine). I keep getting the message "shell result is not solid". Any ideas?

Brian James said...

Hi Joao,

I would guess this has to do with how tightly the leg bends. This curvature combined with the thickness entered in the Shell command could produce a non solid result. Zoom in on these areas to see if they self intersect. Adjusting the BlendSrf to be less sharp will help if I'm correct.