Friday, February 8, 2013

Materials, Environments and more!

In this Rhino 5 tutorial, learn how to set up materials, environments and lighting for your models. The rendered display mode as well as the Neon plugin for photo-realism are shown.

Neon info...


Unknown said...

Hi just a quick question..

I don't know which version Rhino or vray you're using, it looks like you're using Rhino V5, but how did you get all those side tab menus there?

I have version 5 and vray, but there is no option for me to have those taps. I see you have "Background" "Materials" etc tabs but how do I bring them up?

Thanks a lot

Brian James said...

Hi Kevin,

The side tabs ('panels' in Rhino speak)change depending on the active rendering plugin. If you toggle your current renderer to Rhino Render in the Render drop down menu>current renderer, you'll then have the option to display a Material Panel by right clicking any existing Panel name tab. Vray uses it's own controls for materials and environments.

Unknown said...

Man I was trying to figure it out for such a long time, and I finally realised (just before your reply) that yes, you were using the Rhino render... Sorry I automatically assumed it was a vray render tutorial and thought there was something wrong with my rhino. It all makes so much more sense... My mistake, thanks for your reply.

lynleehom said...

Hi Brian,

i am wondering how to open the 'render tools', can't find it. Actually i wanna use the 'toggle materials panel' which i think is under the 'render tools'.

Thank you!

Brian James said...

Hi Naling,

Render Tools is a toolbar group in Rhino 5 for Windows. Check that this is the version you are using and then make sure you can see all the toolbar tabs. Depending on the screen resolution, these may be out of view requiring you to click the >> symbol to the right of the main toolbar group.

Z said...


same question as above really - i am using rhino v5 on a mac.
I can't however see the panels (i can only see the toolbar which appears when i click the rectangle on the right (the one which turns blue when i click on it), but right clicking on any part of this seems to do nothing)
I am on 'rhino renderer'.
Any advice as to how to get the panels up?


Brian James said...

Rhino for Mac is a work in progress and at this time does not have the same tools shown in this video. You can follow the development process and ask questions on